utopic productions was founded in 2018 by choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess as a structure to support and develop artistic projects which, through dance, create and strengthen the awareness of the body and its role in society. The focus lies on the dancing body and its inherent potential for transformation, as a mirror of our society.

A continuous artistic research and movement practice gives birth to projects that bring together an international team of artists from different fields (music, light, costume and stage design). Together they create intense and sensual stage experiences that tour internationally thanks to the established network and the loyal partners.

In addition to the development of the individual projects, the focus lays on contextualizing the work and finding different ways to invite and share with the audience: for each production we develop an accompanying program for different target groups, from specially designed audience discussions after the performance to accompanying workshops or school projects.

Since 2020, utopic productions is funded by the Ministry of Culture, Luxembourg.

utopic productions adheres to the Charte de déontologie by the Ministry of Culture Luxembourg.

Formulaire d'adhésion

Charte de déontologie pour les structures culturelles - Ministère de la Culture



ANNE-MAREIKE HESS - choreographer, artistic director

MÉLANIE PLANCHARD -  costum design

marc lohr - composition & sound design

Léa Wiplier BEASTproduction - production & admin

THOMAS SCHAUPP - dramaturgie & contextualization

BRICE DURAND - technical director

BOARD utopic productions

Jean-Luc Jossa - president

Oliver Hess - treasurer

Veronika Meindl - secretary

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